Mata Hari – Necklace


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Inspiration: Could you imagine to dress like Creta Garbo in 31, G.Fitzmaurice film where she played an exotic dancer accused of espionnage during World War I ?.From the old and extinct textile tradition of the city of Barcelona, to the fantasy film industry of Hollywood, comes this unusual piece created in antique silk cord.

Materials: Unique lace vintage of antique silk, Borla tassel finished with golden balls and a stream of iridescent black color. Fastener-oriental style baroque in gilded metal.

How to wear it: As a queen. To combine this necklace forces you to look for those moments when you have to make it clear who is in charge. Be yourself.
Wetherin summer or winter, it is ideal to combine with black or desert colors.

Color: Desert, black and gold.

Size: Long Neckline: 7 cm. Neck circumference: 53cm.
Price: € 120


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